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Merging Hydroponics and Net-Zero Technologies in Food Production

Registered in Utah, Castle Mountain Growers (CMG), is developing a geothermal-powered, net-zero-focused, hydroponics greenhouse project in Utah and solar/PV-focused Hawai`i project specifically engineered to: 1) meet the demands of the Utah and Hawai`i “food deserts” – where 85% of food is imported; 2) mitigate fossil fuel usage; 3) remove all possible carbon emissions from the production cycles of gourmet-quality, organic hydroponics fresh fruits and vegetables; and 4) reduce world hunger with food-technology training programs.

We are committed to hydroponics greenhouse production, that demonstrates a positive environmental impact by: a) reducing our water usage by 90%, over soil-based growing methods; b) eliminating chemical pesticides by 75% using beneficial insects and other, natural insect-controls; c) increasing crop production by as much as 40% through LED lighting and other climate control methods; and d) reducing our energy consumption with geothermal, solar and/or wind technologies.

We specialize not only in tomatoes, but can also custom-grow high-value crops such as colored bell peppers, cucumbers of varying sizes, lettuces, herbs, and -- in Phase 2 other specialized crops like strawberries. Our diverse team’s combined 150 years of experience make it possible to custom-grow a wide range of food-safety-certified, fresh, organic, gourmet produce. 

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Custom Growing to Meet Your Needs

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Multi-Climate Global Hydroponics Experience

Our Projects

Utah & Hawai'i

  • Southwest, Utah – Constructing a new, 20-acre (8.09 ha.) hydroponics greenhouse complex incorporating sustainable renewable net zero energy from an existing, 16-inch (40.64 cm.)-wide geothermal well, as opposed to utilizing carbon-based fuels. 

Target markets include the Southwestern and Western United States and Pacific Rim regions.

  • West O`ahu, Hawai`i – Reconfiguring 6 existing greenhouse bays and constructing a new greenhouse complex equipped with solar/PV technology on an existing 17-acre (6.88 ha.) farm site.  This facility will supply both State of Hawaii consumers, U.S. Military, and Pacific Rim markets with gourmet organic fresh fruits and vegetables. 
  • Future Training Sites – Each site will function as a training site to teach commercial hydroponics crop production in a wide range of climatic conditions — from the tropics of Hawai`i to the high-desert/winter conditions of Utah — that can be replicated globally.

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Our Diversified Projects

A Wide Array of Commercial Projects– Greenhouses to Power Plant Operations/Storage to Hotels

Wai`anae, Hawai`i Hydroponics Commercial Production and Training Complex (Photo: 2020)

Central Florida Commercial Hydroponics Tomatoes Production completed in 1997 (Floriculture/Orchid production as of 2002; Photo: 2023.)

Central Florida Commercial Hydroponics Tomato and Vegetable Production (Photo: Mid 1980s)

Florida Project Commercial Hydroponics Tomato Interior (Photo: 1997)

Commercial Construction & Permitting – Best Western Hotel, Springdale, Utah Gateway to Zion National Park (Photo: 2018)

Commercial Construction & Permitting –Lincoln County Power and Administration Building in Panaca, Nevada (Photo: 2017)

Commercial Construction & Permitting – Tuacahn Performing Arts Center, Canyon Suites Apartments, Ivins, Utah (Photo: 2019)

Commercial Construction & Permitting – Hotel in Page, Arizona (Photo: 2018)

Our Technologies

Protected Agriculture Growing since 1970

Moving toward net-zero-carbon-emissions, our Utah greenhouse complex is designed around an existing geothermal well to heat and cool our entire 20-acre greenhouse project – reducing crop production costs by almost US$1 million annually.  Other technologies that will eliminate or limit carbon emissions include:  electric-powered transport vehicles, LED lighting, our packing house operations and paperless office operations.  In Hawai`I, our re-designed operations will include solar/PV technology to power greenhouse fans, cooling systems, crop controls, and office operations.  With reduced costs, adding carbon-capture technology to our future Utah and other developments will also reduce our carbon foot-print.  

Our Low-Temperature Geothermal Electricity Generators will generate “green” electricity to power, heat and cool our greenhouse complex and equipment. Any excess power generated will be sold to the grid as “green energy.”

Incorporating LED (Light-Emitting Diode) grow lights into our greenhouse complex makes it possible to extend light levels from 12 to 18 hours per day – which increases our average production by 30% while also improving overall crop health and disease/pest resistance.

Electric or Hydrogen Powered Vehicles will also lower our carbon usage.  According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, (EPA), road vehicles represent 75% of the United States’ carbon monoxide pollution footprint. While operating only 30% of the world’s vehicles, the United States creates approximately 50% of the world’s automotive air pollution. In our effort to mitigate these carbon emissions, we will use electric or electric/hydrogen-powered delivery vehicles and electric busses or pickup trucks to transport employees.

OUR TEAM – OVER 200 combined years of global food supply chain experience

Who We Are

Zebuel “Zeb” Jones

As a Director, Co-Founder and Lead Grower, Zeb also directs our Food Sales efforts and brings with him over 50 years of progressive, hydroponics/greenhouse project design, construction, management, food marketing/sales, and produce experience. Zeb together with his late father, were instrumental in developing the hydroponics industry beginning in Central Florida in 1970 before relocating to Hawai`i in 1989. His background in hydroponics, greenhouse development/ construction, food supply chains, food marketing, and produce transport spans 47 countries.

Vincent “Vince” Terry

Our Co-Founder and Director also serves as our Utah Assistant Operations Manager for Construction and Assistant Grower.  A licensed General Contractor since 1992, Vince brings with him 25 years of specializing in construction of steel buildings, greenhouses and other commercial structures.  His expertise includes cost-estimating, construction management, foundation and concrete work, plumbing, woodwork. His additional skills include personnel management and international marketing.

Russell “Russ” Skouson

Adding to his array of construction superintendent experiences and skills, Russ is our additional Co-Founder, Director, and the Utah site’s Operations/Sales Manager (Quality Control) and Assistant Grower. Russ has approximately 15 years of progressive commercial construction experience and served as superintendent of construction on a variety of steel structure projects.  His skills range from steel construction to finish carpentry and custom cabinetry to marketing, personnel/logistics, cost analysis, administration and financial record keeping.

Zebuel “Cody” Jones

Combining a wide variety of skill sets, Cody serves as not only a Director, but also Head Grower and Operations Manager for our Utah and Hawai`i projects. He brings 30-plus years of greenhouse construction/development and hydroponics growing experience to our team. Cody is largely responsible for all site preparation, seedling production, hydroponics farm management, quality control, foundation work, and construction of our Hawai`i greenhouse operations. Cody’s skills also include training, crop production, post-harvest handling and greenhouse climate controls all of which extend to 9 countries.

Douglas A. Anderson, MBA

Serving as Director and Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Douglas brings over 40 years of results-oriented, successful experience as an executive-level manager and consultant on 6 continents and 45 countries. His experiences range from developing, assisting and managing start-ups to major enterprises with an emphasis on agribusiness including commercial pesticide consulting; agricultural irrigation; fruit and vegetable crop production/protection, livestock management, and the food processing industry.  His worldwide reputation extends to executive management, value chain assessment and strengthening, product development, business turnarounds, strategic planning, business diagnostics, and international marketing.  Douglas is an expert in business fundamentals, regardless of industry. He has strengthened and readied firms for export in the manufacturing, hospitality, wholesale, and retail sectors leading many of his clients—single proprietors to Fortune 500 companies— to win international awards for excellence in product and export management. He has facilitated numerous workshops and business training seminars throughout the developing world.  He currently serves as Managing Partner of agribusiness consulting firm Anderson Associates International-FORSA based in Giza, Egypt and prior to that was the Vice Chairman and COO of National Food Company (a member of the Kato Group) positioning food products for entrée to the US retail market. He also spent six years in Egypt on a USAID-funded project that assisted food processors to increase exports, setting the stage that has culminated in growing Egyptian food exports from US$62 million to over US$3.0 billion to date.

Michael J. Chang

As Director of Structured Project Finance. Michael guides our project financing activities with his wealth of recognized, international, structured project finance and high-technology engineering expertise. Michael structures project finance and business architectures for multi-million dollar to multi-billion dollar projects for a diverse array of projects across Asia. Michael also served as Chief Engineer of Motorola Japan’s 3G Design and Deployment of one of the world’s first and largest 3G IP architectures and networks. At Boeing, Michael was responsible for senior engineering, design, and analysis on a number of advanced DoD/US Government weapons systems.